The Stingiest Bitch in the West

My roommate and I have gotten along really well all year long.  Why?  Because I am a very chill person.  When she would ask me for the 72 cents I owed her, Ide give her a dollar; not trying to be generous, just trying to be a sane human being.  When she hinted that she needed a ride to work, Ide be the better person and offer her one (since she doesn’t have a car).  Keep in mind I drive a Toyota 4runner, which doesn’t go easy on gasoline.        Occasionally I would ask for small things in return, such as a bag of mm’s from the cafeteria that costs half a meal swipe, which her parents pay for, but never anything more.   I can remember several times when she would ‘forget her wallet’ when we went out to eat and I would tell her “No worries, I got it.”  She didn’t have a job, but neither did I.  We were both struggling college students and I wanted to be nice.  Recently, she asked to buy my old ipod touch for 50$.  I was sad to sell it for so little since I had kept it in mint condition, but she was my roommate and roommates always do nice things for each other.  I wiped all my personal data off of it and gave it to her.  She said she would pay me as soon as she had the money.  After two months she had gotten 3 jobs and worked constantly, yet she still didn’t have any bills so I figured she saved her money like a sensible person.  Yet she still didn’t pay me for my ipod she had been using for 2 months.  When I finally confronted her about it, she said she would pay me as soon as possible, and the next time I came in the room it was on my desk with a note saying “I decided I don’t want this anymore, you can have it.”  This bugged me, but I let it slide.  Yet the icing on the cake that made me write this post happened this past week.  We both dance together in a company that meets once a week at a location 30 minutes away from our dorm.  I usually drive her since I usually am at the dorm and its no hassle at all, but this week I was at my parents house which is directly next to the dance studio.  I texted her hours in advance and asked if she could find a ride elsewhere because it would be a lot of driving to come get her.  She replied saying she really needed a ride and she would give me money for gas.  Sounding reasonable, I made the drive back, leaving my family dinner early, and picked her up.  Amazingly when we got there she realized she didn’t have her wallet and asked if she could just buy me lunch sometime during the week. I said that was fine and we would work it out.  The next day I told her that food wasn’t an issue to me, but considering it costs 70$ to fill up my gas tank I would appreciate if she could give me around 10 for gas.  She blew up and stormed out of the room and I haven’t seen her since.  When I got back today there was a note on my desk, in which she tried to calculate the exact money it would be for the trip to the studio and subtracted things such as “cost of the mm’s” and made a remark about how generous she is being by giving me any money at all.  She calculated the final amount to be $4.44, which she left in crumpled up dollar bills, nickels, and pennies.  Now I have the joys of confronting her face to face about this and getting to deal with this nutcase.  

Stingiest psycho bitch on the face of the earth.  


This is so accurate it’s terrifying.

Depressive Drama Queen

I live with 2 other girls in my apartment. I say my apartment because I’ve lived here a year longer than everyone and my name is the only one on the lease. The two girls have really just moved in, both in early January.  The one girl is a fabulous international student with realistic and lax standards who I`ll call Betty. The other is an old friend from my hometown.  We were close when we were young but drifted as we entered highschool.  We began talking again last year and I knew she needed a place to stay so we made arrangements for her to move in. Let’s call her M.

It`s been 75 days and I regret it so much.

She`s not bad , she`s just wearing and really, really dumb. I had to explain what an audiobook is to her. 

I knew she had problems, but also took her social media at face value. Her little “Everything is fine! Life is the best” bullshit statuses she posted before she moved had me more or less convinced that she at least had some sort of grasp on her mental health. I’m sorry to sound so jaded. I know I’m being tough, but I’ve dealt with depression for almost a decade now. I know it’s hard, but I also know that there are ways to deal and cope with it. And I’ve always known of her tendency to blow everything out of proportion.

Anyway, this chick is so unable to function without her mom. She can’t cook, she doesn’t understand basic concepts (like doing dishes, sweeping, wearing pants, turning off the fucking heat, the definition of the word ironic, sploof) and keeps complaining about how OCD she is.  

She really isn’t.

She smokes so much weed too, which I thought she didn’t because of a bullshit status.

She’s walked into the wrong apartment suite TWICE because she was so high and forgot to climb the extra flight of stairs to our floor. 

I’ve invited her out, one time she kept making jokes about me and the other time she started wailing and sobbing (completely sober at a concert, in front of my boyfriend’s sister and husband) and went home early and smoked most of my weed.

She said she came home and started screaming and punching things, but said she had no trigger. We went there and she was fine and happy and then wasn`t. It felt odd to me, because I`ll know roughly what the trigger was.

The other time Betty and I had a party and she just glared at everyone and stormed off and slammed the door to her room. And trapped my cat in her room. 

She always talks about how she`s putting on a brave face and she keeps so much in (I`ve heard her say this to, including Betty and I, seven people. The only seven people I’ve ever seen her interact with) but her entire facebook/tumblr/instagram is a complete journal of her hard hard life. We’ve had similar experiences but whenever I try to reach out, she says I wouldn’t understand. 

She acts like she does me these huuuuge favors, like brushing my cat and gets pouty when I’m not extremely grateful. Brushing my cat is great, I don’t know why she acts like it’s a choir, i never asked her too, 

Because she never cooks, her food went bad so I chucked it. I told her that her food went really nasty and she responds with “Oh.. that’s ok..” as if I had done something bad to her. 

She dropped out of first year cosmetics (she started in January) because she was too stressed. She`d go to class, come home, get high and order a pizza. She can`t even be bothered to do little things like take out trash, do her own dishes or even recycle her stupid pizza box. I`m in my final year and working 15-20 hours a week and I still do more than her. I told her to stop smoking inside because she doesn`t seem to understand the idea of a sploof, opening a window or blocking her door. Plus if you don`t have a job or school, you can go outside. But she continues to in her room, which is right beside mine and reeks.

So yeah. She’s not nearly the worst person I’ve ever lived with but she’s the one that’s annoyed me the most. 

I’m sorry, it probably feels like a rant about nothing. She’s just one of those people that annoys me on a very fundamental level. She lacks any common courteous or sense for that matter and I just needed to let it out.

If anyone has any advice, I’d love it. 

Huge Hypocrite Hell

So I’m just gonna start off how it all began. I had this amazing house once, I shared it with my landlord. A cool guy. We were both pretty introvert and rather be just by ourselves. Sometimes we talked, but most of the time we both were in our own rooms, just doing our own thing. Sadly he passed away, and his family made me move. While I was sad, I was also kinda excited, because I was gonna get my own place and I could pick my own roommate. It even had a yard and a huge living room. The last tenants left it in a horrible state, but with 3 days worth of cleaning and even more days of decorating it turned into a lovely place. So when the house was all ready for people to live and sleep in it, I picked a roommate. She seemed nice in the beginning. A quiet girl that liked to read in her room. I thought I picked the perfect roommate, but hoo boy was I wrong.

The turning point:

The first signs that my roommate wasn’t all stars and sunshine came when I made the cleaning roster. I wrote down what needed to be done by who for each week. However my roommate only did the things that the roster said. While I clean up when I spill on the lid of the trashcan, the table, the stove or anywhere else, she didn’t. She just left it there to turn into a stain that was almost impossible to remove. She also didn’t clean the toilet after she did a number 2 which I find terribly gross, we have a toilet brush, use it. If she grabbed something/moved something she never put it back were it belonged, but I ignored it, because well she was a sweet girl and 2 years younger then me. Until I found passive aggressive notes on the roster about how I needed to dust of the door handles. Of course I was annoyed, but I hate conflict so I just sucked up my anger. 

The freezer incident

Because I do grocery’s for a whole week, I have this little freezer. At first it was in my room. But it kept overloading the electricity network that way. I told my roommate that I would put it in the living room if it would stop overloading there. And indeed, it kept on working in the living room, so I bought a nice table for it to stand on and put it all the way in the corner, so it wouldn’t be a bother for anyone. One day I come home, and my normally sunshine roommate comes up to be all angry. ”You had to ask me first to put that there” pointing towards my freezer. ”I told you that if it would work in the living room, I would put it there.” was my answer. ”No you didn’t, you only said you were testing it over there” She came off really hostile, and me with my lack of people skills totally shut down. Only nodding in agreement, even though it really bothered me that she got angry with me for nothing.

The second incident

It was quiet for a few months. I was still annoyed with her lack of cleaning, but seeing her so angry before I just kept quiet. However since the incident I didn’t feel comfortable in my own house anymore. I get really afraid if people scold me, and if don’t apologize afterwards I stay that way. I spend a lot of time in my own room instead of how it was before she moved in. I used to enjoy taking naps on my couch in the living  room, open the curtains and greet the sun. Now she was hogging the living room and I was to scared of conflict to come in. However the next incident was bound to happen, with me boiling with stress. When I opened my freezer I saw something that didn’t belong there, food of hers. Even though she knows the freezer is mine alone, and not shared. So I waited for her to return and politely asked what it was doing in my freezer. ”Oh yeah, you didn’t come home for a week, so I thought with it being almost empty and all, that it was okay. And I couldn’t ask.” I told her that she has my number, and that I would have appreciated a text message first. She agreed but I could feel that she didn’t mean it, because her whole body language was passive aggressive. For maybe an hour the house was quiet. Right before she was about to leave towards her classes and her parents house she drops a bomb on me. ”You never follow our cleaning roster, I have to do everything by myself!” Excuse me, I clean up after your butt, I thought. Instead of that what I thought I said ”Well I can’t clean if I am not home, can I?” with a smile on my face. She just scoffed and said ”Well you also didn’t do it once, because you felt sick.” I thought it was weird for her to bring that up as that was months and months ago, a one time incident, and also because when I feel sick, I really am sick. I have fybromyalgia and sometimes I can hardly get out of bed. She knows this, so I thought that comment was rude. But before I got a chance to react to her, about how she shouldn’t bring up months old things, and how she never does the dishes and always forgets to take out the trash if it is her turn, she suddenly said ”But now I have to go to college, and right after I am going to my parents for the weekend. Bye!” And there she went, I never got the chance to react.

Now when I am writing this I am at my parents house. Today I will take my leave again towards that dreadful house. I really love the city that I live in, I made friends there. But every week I don’t wanna go ”home”, because home doesn’t feel like home. I wish I never picked her, because my home is now just a house.

To Complain, or Not to Complain? It’s not a question because she does it all of the time.

The Rosy Beginning
Rory and I were freshman year roommates. We thought the we could not have found a better match. We both had so much in common. We liked going out together, we would share stories and be silly and giggle together. The only big issue is that she wasn’t a morning person, so she wasn’t up for talking when we woke up. Whatever, that was fine. We were totally cool. It was a good year, so we decided to live together the following year with two other friends of ours in a rental house. Yippy!

Welcome to Year Two! The Passive Aggressive Hell-Scape.
When the ball dropped on new years 2014 it should have come with a little note that said “Congratulations, your roommate is going to 180 and turn into a crazy, passive aggressive bitch!”. No, alas, I was given no warning. January came out of nowhere.
Last year she was gone for January, our J-term, the time to take a class for a month or go home to see family. She went home, and I stayed. We went on our merry ways and all was well.
Not this year. She said that every January is a bad month for her. She gets depressed and can’t deal with anything. That was totally fine with me. I understand depression, like many others I have gone through it as well. It sucks, but you’ve got to kick yourself in the butt at some point and go get some help if you want to get better, you know?
I dealt with the passive aggressive comments, the hiding in her room, the tears, the tough days because that’s what a good friend does. You help out when it’s needed, but eventually the help of a friend isn’t enough.

Fast forward to March: Welcome to the land of “Nothing Has Changed!”
The problem here is that she won’t try to get better. She won’t take her meds and she won’t see a therapist/psychologist/what have you. Due to this she just mopes around the house, waits around for her boyfriend all week and doesn’t do anything when she can’t see him. She micromanages our cleaning. If a plate is left out for more than a few hours she’ll bitch and tell me and my other roommates how terribly messy everything looks. We get weekly passive-aggressive notes from her over social media about the dishes, the dishwasher, the stove, those shoes that are STILL by the door that should really be in your room, those books on the table because God FORBID you try to do homework and leave a book on a chair when you’re done. She’s just plain rude.
Being sad is fine, but don’t stomp all over my day just because you’re not feeling awesome. That’s not cool.

Icy Glares and Silent Stares
On top of this, she won’t talk. Yes, that’s right. She literally won’t talk when she’s in a bad mood - which is daily. She will look at you when you speak (maybe) and then blatantly ignore you. In the morning if she hears you coming down the stairs, she’ll hurry to run out the door before you get there so she doesn’t have to say good morning. If she does say something you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s to order you to clean everything in sight, or to complain.

To Complain, or Not to Complain? It’s not a question because she does it all of the time.
I realize the irony in that I am complaining about her all of the time, but mind you, this is silent rage that has been building for months.

Whenever she does decide to open her mouth, it’s to complain. Here’s the top list:

  1. Yeah, I just have SO much homework. I’m taking all of the top level courses so it’s really hard and I have homework to do all off the time. It’s more than yours, which is expected because my courses are harder than yours right now. (No. They’re not. No. She does not have more homework than me or anyone in the house. She just drags it out and complains the whole damn time)
  2. I haven’t seen John (boyfriend) in like, all day, ugh, it sucks. (She sees him every day. Seriously. Every day. If it’s more than that, we’ll hear about it)
  3. *Every day - if she’s talking* Ugh, I’ve just had a really shitty day… (insert sob story here) (She seriously NEVER has anything positive to say. Ever. Not ever never.)
  4. You guys, it is SO messy in the house right now. I clean all of the time and I have asked you guys to, but nothing has changed. (We clean every few days. We’ve been told by friends that we have one of the cleanest houses they’ve seen. We ALL clean. We have different definitions of messy. Messy is not having a few pairs of boots by the door and textbooks near the table.)

"Uhm, yeah, I’m over drinking… don’t you remember that I don’t drink."Fine by me! That is totally cool. If you don’t want alcohol in your life, I am totally supportive. That is wonderful if that is what makes you happy, but do not judge me for my personal decisions, and those of my roommates.
I drink sparingly, maybe I’ll have two outings a month, but each time we go out she reminds us why she doesn’t drink - mostly she doesn’t like partying - but she will regale us with shitty stories about those few times she drank freshman year and how those times were so shitty which is why she will never drink again.
Then she won’t allow us to have alcohol out in the house. Her boyfriend is in the army and he is under contract not to drink. He’s a cool dude and he sticks by that, but he also has said that he doesn’t mind us drinking in the house when he’s around. If we’re discreet he’s totally cool with it.
She isn’t.
She won’t tell us when he’s coming over and then will freak out when we have a glass of wine around him on the weekends. Seriously? I’m all about being accommodating, but I can’t plan my weekend tiptoeing around my own house when all three of us but her drink.
She gives eyerolls and judging stares when we have another beer, and she can’t help but to remind whichever roommate isn’t drinking that night just how glad she is that she stopped drinking. Who are you convincing here? I don’t care, but I’m done with the judgement.

The General Oozing of Self-Pity and Bad Vibes

But mostly, on top of everything, it’s the poor-me, holier-than thou, I hate everything, my life sucks, poor me, poor me attitude that brings down the house.
My roommate Clara has admitted to not enjoying being in the house - especially not downstairs when Rory is home because she just emits the yuckiest, draining vibes.

The best part, guess who already signed onto a lease with her for next year before the chines new year of the passive aggressive bitch began? Me!!

Spoiled Brat

At first my roommate was pretty cool, but things started to irritate me when her boyfriend would chill at the house ALL day when she was at school or work. He’d make his own food, watch tv, and come in and out as he pleased. And sometimes I rant on twitter when I get pissed(knowing she doesn’t have one) I ranted. All of a sudden she decides to creep on me and then blow up for being immature. We got over it, then months later she decides to take everything she brought for the kitchen, we aren’t allowed to use. But she will freely use all of mine and my other roommates stuff. Oh she also took all of our recyclables and pocketed it. Ughhhhh.

i’m not a bad person, but she makes me want to punch her in the face all the time

so i have this roommate. there are four of us in one room and i get along perfectly with the other two. except this one. and unfortunately she and i are on the same side. she sleeps early, like 10 o’clock every night and wakes up at like 6:45. that’s a full eight hours of sleep. and she naps all the time every day and somehow seems to find a way to complain that she didn’t get enough sleep the night before. so god forbid i should need the lights on on my side of the room after 10 pm because then she will proceed to have a hissy fit and you can hear her passive aggressive sighs when she’s trying to sleep. it’s not like i’m being rude about it, they’re on for less than two minutes because i need to change and i can’t change in the dark and most of the time she’s sleeping with the blankets over her head so she can’t even see the light but if it moves off even a bit and she somehow sees it through her closed eyelids and blanket she will get so angry and just mad dog me the entire time until i turn off the light. i overheard her talking to one of my roommates saying how she hates how annoying i am about the lights and wants to get a sleeping mask but doesn’t see the point in it because we’re already halfway through the semester. what’s ridiculous is that i have 7:30 am classes four days of the week and have had them for the past two semesters. this is her first time having one and the class is only twice a week and she complains every night about how she has to wake up sooo early for her class when my other two roommates are taking a 6 am class and sleep at 1 am and still find some way to be cheery and happy. and my goodness if it’s the weekend and me and my other roommates are talking quietly on their side of the room anywhere past the princess’ bed time she will storm into our bathroom so that we all know she is mad. we don’t try to anger her, we’re really nice and polite and try to invite her to places, she just refuses to be our friend or try to make some type of relationship with us in any way. there are days when she won’t talk to any of us for any reason at all. on clean check days the only time she talks to me is to tell me to clean up my stuff as i’m walking out to go to my early morning class. not to mention her mood swings. 90% of the time she is a raging bitch to everyone and the other 10% she will play nice. now my other roommates and i know her nice mode won’t last that long so we enjoy it while we can but then all of a sudden she’ll just flip out on us. my nice roommates are still holding on to the hope that she’ll be better and change and all that cute bs that i adore them for, but i know that it’s not going to happen. i’m not rude to her or anything, i just won’t initiate conversation with her for any reason at all. if she talks to me i’m polite but i won’t be an active participant. i’ve tried to be her friend. i’ve tried being nice, but i can’t handle it anymore. i’m fed up with her and her drama queen bull.

Klepto Roommate- and I’m not using that casually.

After studying abroad for three months, I came home to find our entire apartment refurnished with things from my room, my room itself completely ransacked with papers all over the floor, bed completely torn apart, mattresses switched, and clothing missing.  I assumed that she had a party or allowed someone to sleep in my bed, which would not have been a big deal if I didn’t have to clean puke off of my toilet seat.  After being angry about this, I realized that she wasn’t even at home.  She had been submitted to the psych ward, but for what I had no idea.  I assumed it was because of her awful, angry boyfriend dumping her and her losing it.  Well, after cleaning my room and reaching out to her and her family, I left for home for the summer.  I come back in September to find my room completely ransacked, valuables on the floor, more clothing missing, rinse and repeat.  I was with my dad who did the road trip half way across the country with me, and he was appalled- which is saying something for a guy with pretty low expectations and a relatively easy going demeanor. After cleaning up my room and my things yet again, I began to realize that something was not right.  Clothing that I had from my study abroad was gone… strange… Perhaps I left it at home? A month goes by…. sweaters I brought with me were gone… perhaps I put them somewhere or left them at a friend’s house? A week goes by… dirty spandex I left on my floor after working out in were gone; they were thrown on the ground near my laundry basket which is near the door… Another week goes by, and her friend comes to visit and tells me everything that she has been stealing from other people, including businesses in the area.  I was appalled but ready to forgive as long as she gave it all back.  

During this time, she went to Chicago and pulled one of the dumbest criminal moves of all time: she snap chatted me wearing my dress.  I called her out on it immediately, and she lied to me. She told me that I had let her borrow it, which I never did because I don’t really let anyone wear my clothes because they are NICE. I talked to her friend, then called the roommate out on it. She said that she was sorry that I was upset. (please note: she has never actually admitted to me that she was stealing my stuff. I had to call her mom who confirmed that the roommate was a kleptomaniac.) I tried to get out of my lease because I didn’t want to live with a thief, who I learned through all of this, has stolen previous roommates credit cards and thousands of dollars from various local stores. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a way to break the lease without having to pay extraordinary amounts of money.  So, I decided to do roommate couples therapy.  During this session, we laid out ground rules and I gave her a week to give me back everything that she stole.  She gave me back one thing- a tory burch tote bag that my mom got me for my birthday a few years previously. We also installed locks on our doors after our meeting, and, in the spirit of fairness, I insisted that she have one on hers too, even though our laundry room is in her closet (I might take this moment to mention that we split everything in our apartment, even though she uses more energy and water than I do and also has a GIANT room compared to mine- it’s unfair.) At the time, I was okay with that because I thought that she just stole the cheap crap from forever 21 and other knockoff-type stores. Little did I know, the sum total of what she has stolen from me follows: 

green ralph Lauren purple label cashmere sweater, tortoise shell ralph Lauren purple label sunglasses, limited edition ray ban aviators, cream leather Marc Jacobs clutch bag, blue adidas workout spandex, designed black leather bag with gold studs, navy Zara pencil skirt (I don’t really care about that, but on principle I want it back), and a pink Celine umbrella. 

This is only what I have discovered so far- I am fairly positive that there is more… And this is NICE stuff, which I saved for with my own money since my philosophy is quality over quantity, always but the classics. 

Here are my issues: First, I want her to return all of the things she has stolen from me or their monetary equivalent, which equals well over 3000 dollars. Second, I am so angry at her for lying to me and believing that she pulled one over on me during the counselor meeting in which I was giving her a second chance and an opportunity to come clean plus forgiveness.  Like what a great deal for her! 

How do I make her give me everything back since she’s a liar and a thief?  She is the most inconsiderate and self righteous person I have ever met, and, yes, I do understand that kleptomania is a very real and hurtful disorder, but she is hurting me, too, which is unfair and rude. 

I also feel like I need to be accommodating her selfishness and walking around my apartment on eggshells for fear of pissing her off and her snapping and going into some psychosis.  She’s a kook! And, this is our senior year- so we only have 2 and a half months left. I’ve been so good about not snapping in anger, but I have reached my wits end. The original plan was to slap her (metaphorically speaking) with a very large bill the last week of school for all of the things that she owed me since I am moving out and taking everything with me- since my family was kind enough to lend us basically our entire living room set, kitchen supplies, etc. So, that last day of graduation when she comes back to an empty apartment and I drive off into the sunset will be immensely pleasurable for me since she is planning on staying through the summer- good luck bitch! ha….

Snarky comments and vengefulness aside, thank you for listening to my story and for helping me out!

Surviving senior year.

I’ve lived with the same 3 people for 2 years before this September without a problem, but this year when I came back to school from a semester studying abroad one of them decided to pick on me for nothing and make me the scapegoat for anything that happens in the apartment. It started with a few things where she would ask me to clean up something or do something differently, and I would try to help because I wanted to be a good roommate and I didn’t have any issues with her. But then after 2 weeks I started realizing that I was doing all these things she asked but she never compromised with me on anything, and that I was being excluded from conversations even when all 4 of us were in the room.

Finally I got sick of it when one day she decided to text me about how I had left one small bowl in the sink for 2 days and how it was “disgusting” and that “everyone else agrees with me”. Those 2 days I wasn’t home for more than 5 hours in a day, and those hours were spent sleeping because I was so busy. I was also more than a little pissed off by the fact that she decided to text me about this in the middle of a class instead of talking to me when we both got home that afternoon. All of this together made me tell her how frustrated I was that she would talk down to me like that, use ‘everyone else’ to make herself look like she had a reason for being a bitch, and that I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with it at the moment and we could talk at home. This apparently didn’t stop her from continuing to tell me how wrong I was for not cleaning up after myself and how it had happened “multiple times”, which it hadn’t, along with a few more insulting things.

When I went home I decided to confront her because at this point I knew she was too childish and afraid to go out of her way to talk to me herself, so I brought it to her. She immediately got defensive and started raising her voice, would change the subject whenever I tried to explain myself or compromise, and then after 2 hours she *dismissed me* from her room saying “who are you to come into my room and yell at me. You can go, you’re pissing me off,” the last part was accompanied by a hand motion and that stupid sassy I-think-I’m -better-than-you head nod towards the door. At which point I wanted to hit her straight in the face and break her self righteous long island princess nose. Instead I walked away and said “fine you’re pissing me off too.”

After that everyone in the apartment stopped talking to me because they had become so cliquey, any decorations or posters I had put in the common room she took down and threw out, and she started making ridiculous demands and accusations. She said the washing machine was starting to smell and it was my fault for leaving my clothes in there too long (30 min). She refused to close her bedroom door when I told her I was going to watch a show in the living room and didn’t want my TV noise to bother her or interrupt the show that she was watching.

She yelled at me for not cleaning the stove after only boiling water and making pasta, after I had already cleaned it that afternoon. The next day she put out a box of clorox wipes next to the stove and when I asked if she was done with them,so that I could put them back, she told me she had put them there so that I could clean the stove, at which point I threw them back under the sink and got my own and started to clean it because I wanted her to leave me alone. Instead she sat there and WATCHED ME while I did it, the whole time texting her boyfriend every single thing I said or did. Aside from being totally out of line she was also trying to humiliate me and make me look like the asshole, sometimes even in front of the rest of our roommates who used to be my friends, and multiple times in front of my boyfriend when he visited.

After this I was completely sick of her but she continued to do things that would obviously piss me off. She turns the heat up to 76 or higher when I’ve asked her if we could leave it at 72 because otherwise I get hot and can’t sleep (ideally I’d set it to 68) not to mention the fact that its expensive. And it isn’t a one time a day thing, she will sit and wait until I’ve gone back into my room after turning it down just so she can go back out to turn it up again, and it’ll go back and forth a few times until I say fuck it and stop caring. She does the same thing with leaving lights on at all times of day or night, especially the one right outside my door which I’ve asked her politely to turn off so I can sleep, but saying she can leave on the 3 others because they don’t come straight in through the door and into my eyes. Her excuse for turning it back on is that even with those 3 lights “its a little dark and I need to eat” at 11pm. Unless you are blind there is no reason to use even those 3 lights, you just need one, she only chooses to be a giant cunt.

She is still doing all of these things and I tried to find someone to sublet my place but I didn’t, now I’ve missed my window and the building management won’t let me out of the lease so I’m stuck here with her and the other 2 who are completely spineless. What makes that part worse is that one of the other 2 girls is someone I’ve known for a very long time and been good friends with, but she refuses to stand up for me or even try to stop a fight when it happens right in front of her because she has absolutely no backbone and is “also best friends” with this girl who is making my life hell. She tries to make it better by saying she doesn’t want to take a side or get in the middle, but by doing nothing she has definitely lost my friendship and made me feel totally alone.

I’ve been mostly staying with my boyfriend but I don’t like invading his space all the time, and I’m dealing with some bigger life issues of my own so I don’t have time for this petty crap and immaturity. If seniors in college can’t get their shit together and act like adults then I’m really not sure how to reason with her. I’ve tried compromise and I’ve called her out on her shit multiple times but its still happening. If you have any suggestions then I’d really appreciate the help because after 6 months of this I’m ready to kill someone.

Anonymous asked: My roommate is a narcissistic asshole who thinks he is the best at everything. The only time he talks to you is to talk down to you and tell you everything that is wrong with you and your life. He is a chauvinistic pig who cares nothing for other people. I slept with him and wanted to vomit for weeks afterwards but was basic. prostituting myself to continue to have a place to live. He kicked me out for finally refusing to have sex with him and I was left with no place to

Do you have any friends you can crash with for a bit? Wherever you end up staying, I think that you definitely do not need to be living with that guy anymore. You should feel safe in your living environment, and he is not giving you that. 

Roommate is a bitch!

I live with my landlord. At first, it seemed like the perfect match. Even though she’s 20 years older than I am, it seemed like it would work out great. So I moved in & asked her if there were any rules she wanted me to follow? She said, “No.” I have full house privileges & I do not abuse those. I try to keep the house super clean since I am home more often then she is but she never says “thank you” for my hard work. I am super quiet, kept to myself, I keep the lights off in my room (a lot) to save her electricity, I keep the TV volume in my room super low & I only listen to music on my headphones. Her problem is she really doesn’t need to rent this room. What she was hoping for was a new best friend since she has no friends at all. She admitted she needed someone to dump her problems on when she came home from work. I was shocked! I don’t want to share her personal life. The lady is old & boring. I have nothing in common with her. It’s like she wants me to be her shrink or something. I found out that the entire neighborhood hates her because she’s a huge gossip. I befriended one of the neighbors recently who said she has talked about behind my back to people & that she’s mad that I don’t spend time with her. What a total freak!!! She’s my landlady. I don’t want to hang out with her!!! I’m giving her a lot of money per month to live here because it’s close to my school and my friends, but if I do one little thing she doesn’t like such as move a damned cat toy or something, she freaks out & tells me, “Maybe this isn’t the right place for you.”  I am living on pins & needles constantly, never knowing if she’s going to throw me out just because I won’t go party with her. I like where I’m living, plus I get the house to myself all day when she’s at work so I don’t want to move out. I work nights so the quiet days work for me for studying & sleeping. She has cats that chew up the furniture, leave their fur everywhere, even all over the kitchen counters so it’s impossible to cook without cat hair in your food, they poop everywhere (rarely ever in their litter tray), which I end cleaning up, & she could care less. When I tried to ignore the mess, she freaked, when I tried to clean the mess, she freaks out too. I want to skin her alive at this point. She is totally a crazy cat lady & now I am stuck living in my tiny room all day because the house belongs to her & her f*cking cats. What should I do, contact a lawyer? We have a lease & it says I am allowed to enjoy the space & allowed to be happy but she is not allowing me to enjoy my life or the house. I don’t want to spend any of my extra time with her. I told her that & now she’s a total bitch to me. Why is she so damned needy & clingy? It’s so gross that she is trying to push her friendship on me when I clearly don’t want it. When I told her that, she got upset & once again said maybe I should move out. I shouldn’t have to leave when I have followed all the rules & I am super quiet. Plus, I don’t have any extra money to come up with now that I spent it to move in here. I’m an introvert, she knew that since day one, & I like my alone time to do homework & to talk to my own friends. Why can’t she understand that? I’m the ideal roommate for anyone but she’s still not happy. She has such bad mood swings, I just don’t know what to do. If I’m nice to her, she takes huge advantage of all of my time. I tried to just stay in my room  ignore her but she ended up getting mad & she pouted for almost two full weeks. It was really unbelievable. I am so unhappy & confused on how to handle this. Please advise. Thanks you! 

My advice: Move out. Talking to her doesn’t seem to be worth the energy, she’s just gonna spaz. Especially if you are only paying for a room in her house, it might be better worth your time and your money to find an apartment. Have some friends move into an apartment with you, and then it’ll be even more cost effective. And hopefully this way there won’t be cat hair in your food :) Hope this helps!

Okay guys, here’s a story that will make y’all feel better about your shitty roommates. I’d like to tell you about mine.

This bitch is probably the most condescending person I’ve met in my entire life. If we have a conversation, and I say something opinionated or something I KNOW to be true, she will go “babe no” in her condescending voice and proceed to tell me why SHE is right.

This bitch has a boyfriend. And I do too, but he goes to a different university, so naturally I struggle with not being able to see him but once a month. Well I didn’t realize when I agreed to room with her that I was also agreeing to room with her boyfriend over 60% of the time. They are nonstop here and being annoying as fuck. They have stupid fights and he storms off one day and the next they’re being loud and obnoxious while I’m trying to sleep or do homework. Her laugh is so fucking high pitched and eerie and loud. It’s like a fucking baby.

That bitch’s boyfriend is in ROTC, so every time he sleeps in our room, his one or two alarms start at 5 or 6. I’d be fine with that if SHE didn’t have 5 alarms going off EVERY morning start at 7 am, all of them going off long before my ONE does. Takes that bitch two fucking hours to get ready. She flips on all her lights, blows her hair dry, and makes a shit ton of other noise to keep me up. Tried to talk to her about it, she tells me they’re her lights she can use them when she wants, I need to buy my own lights, she always MEANS to wake up on the first alarm, and she never does her makeup outside of her bedroom. Kay.

Well that bitch got here first in the beginning of the semester, so she got first pick of beds. She chose the one against the wall. I was fine. But that bitch gets cold because of the window that’s right there so she cranks the heat up to obnoxiously high temperatures, not caring about the bill or about me. So when I turn it down to a reasonable temperature so as not to keep waking up sweating, she SCREAMED at me. Like she had an EPISODE. How selfish I was for letting her freeze, even though it was a reasonable temperature. I offered to switch sides with her to make everyone happy but she just said “you just want the fucking wall” uhhh fuck you, I’m trying to stop your bitching.

THEN she decided that wasn’t good enough. Despite her boyfriend, she proceeded to throw herself at my older brother, whom she knew had feelings for her still because they (unfortunately) had a past. She told him fucking lies and HE called ME the bitch. She dangled him in front of my face at my friend’s 21st birthday party and then proceeded to sleep in his bed the next night. She’s a bitch, she’s a psycho, she’s suicidal and uses that to get her way, she’s a whore, she’s slept with countless guys whilst being in a relationship, she’s manipulative, she’s a liar, she’s a nightmare. I HATE her as my roommate MUCH LESS a possible sister in law. Fuck you bitch, Fuck you.

Any advice?

My roommate is a complete NUTCASE


It all started when my roommate met this guy off the internet and practically allow him to move in behind my back! Well, after that didn’t work out she started talking to some other person who happen to be alone in our condo one day when I came home from school! Could you have not texted me to let me know a stranger was in the house and you were not home! Of course inconsiderate didn’t! So I proceeded to Lowes to put a lock on my bedroom door so her “strangers” that she meets and brings home won’t rob me! Oh why did I put I lock on my door???!! This psycho complained about this lock for 3 months! Its on my door not yours why do you care!!! So in August she told me she has decided to move out (goodness nutcase). She claimed she wasn’t happy and that she just wanted her own space! Bye bipolar!!! I confirmed 4 times up until november to make sure and she continue to say yes she was sure…. I make arrangements for her to move order new furniture and everything….She decides I was too happy about her moving and decides to stay! This psycho is crazy! I have tried to hold a normal conversation with her and everything! nothing works. She is so argumentative.  So I have decided to block her text messages and phone calls and only talk to her via email when the bills atr due! When she attempts to leave passive aggressive notes they get ignored! What else can I do besides move out because that is not an option right now!!! 

My college roommates literally been a bitch to me for forever. Like honestly I’ve said like maybe 2 snapy things to her or been like a little rude to her like twice. But she just honestly is so rude to me. Like the other day I was vacuuming our floor and I asked this other girl a question and she’s like “Oh she’s new at this.” So a huge fuck you to you there because you assume I’ve never cleaned a day in my life. Another thing is yesterday I was sitting in the same study room and she just gives me a horrible look like you’re so dumb you can help these people with math why are you here? and I was like honestly what the fuck is your problem. And it’s like I’ve given her no reason to hate me, she just does. She’ll always ask my suitemates for things and not me like idk. And sometimes I’ll go into my suitemates rooms cause I have a question to ask them and she’ll just come in there because she’s just a nosy busybody who wants to know everything that I’m talking to them about. Like why does it even concern you and when she gets in the room she always goes there first like and tells them things and not even me. Like if I gave her a reason to hate me then fine you know what, whatever but I legit have not done anything to make her dislike me this much. We were at Kona the other day and I was sitting on the couch and she literally shouted at me like “Move down” and its like I was! if it was any of my other suitemates or friends, she wouldnt have but because it was me she felt like it was okay to be rude to me. I hate how she treats me like shes superior to me because she’s not like she honestly just thinks she is. I liked her a lot and I wanted to room with her next year but she honestly just oculdnt care less about me so I dont care anymore whatever. I just hope for once in my life things work out for me and people get what they deserve.